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Solutions for Private Placement Markets

Fern Creek Ventures was created in recognition of a gap in the private placement market for a consultative, focused, boutique approach to raising capital for < $250 million private placement opportunities.

Through an exceptional network of global fund clients and Limited Partners, coupled with an ecosystem of trusted colleagues, friends, and former clients, Fern Creek typically conducts only one to two fund placements per year. 

Our Mission to Qualified Investors:

  • ​To be a trusted consultant for advice and guidance with their private investments.

  • Offering capacity in relevant, innovative, high-quality, absolute return-focused investment opportunities on a direct basis. No feeder-funds, fund-of-funds, or additional investor fees beyond the direct fund level fees.

  • To conduct rigorous due diligence on, and understand the risk management of, the investment opportunities we offer to investors.

Our Mission to Investment Managers (Private Placement Clients):

  • By properly aligning the investment manager's philosophy with the goals and objectives of our investor groups, we will seek to complete our capital-raising mandates and develop long-term, multiple fund relationships between investors and investment managers.

  • To provide professional, focused, and highly personal marketing, investor relations, and client service functions.

Our Approach: Inner_about
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